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Caring for your dog

Gabriel's journey in caring for ah chye. Gabriel is a researcher by profesion. He is passionate about dogs and frequently shares about his journey with ah chye his dog.
Diarrhea in dogs: what to do? - Ah Chye Pet Treats

Diarrhea in dogs: what to do?

Diarrhea in dogs Many of us dog owners would have experienced our dogs passing out loose stools. which is a very common Diarrhea in dogs. The question that arises in your head is often whether it is a cause for concern, and do we need to go to the vet and seek medical attention straight away. Be...
The Importance of Dog Dental Health - Ah Chye Pet Treats

The Importance of Dog Dental Health

  The Importance of Dog Dental Health We often neglect the importance of our dog’s dental health. The long-term effect is that with the tartar build-up, our dog’s teeth will soon develop gum disease and tooth decay. This will inevitably cause them discomfort and pain and in severe cases, life-...