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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated White Snapper

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Air-dried Pet Treats Dehydrated White Snapper

Dehydrated White Snapper

Dehydrated White Snapper? A fish a day, keeps the doctor away? Can dogs eat fish? Experts say: Absolutely! Should dogs eat fish? Definitely! Feeding fish has many benefits to a dog's diet, fish provides a low-fat, high-protein, high-nutrient source of intake of energy to a canine's diet. Ah Chye's Air dried Pet Treats


  • Fish are great for dogs with allergies to a particular source of meat, also, it is low in calories, making it suitable for a dog that wants to manage its weight.
  • Fish are also great for dogs that are recovering from an illness and need a source of easily digestible protein.
  • Also oceanic fish are rich in omega-3, which is in turn good for the eyes and joints. Great for dogs dealing with joint and hip issues. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help prevent arthritis during old age, thereby preventing pain and helping with your pooch's longevity.
  • Further, air-dried snappers are great in texture and full of aroma. Its chewy texture will guarantee to satisfy your fur-kid's chewing instinct, providing them relief and comfort. So next time, why not whip out an air-dried snapper and see how your dog loves you to the bits.  

 Storage Guide:

1 week- Keep at room temperature in an airtight container, away from heat, cool, dark area such as kitchen cupboard

1 month- Keep in refrigerator

*Because we promise to be preservatives free, we choose not to use any chemical-based anti-humidifier. As such, the dehydrated meats could grow mold should moisture get into the container. So, ensure your hand is dry before taking out the treat from the package*

 answer to the riddle: For small gift, add any fish and 50g beef into cart and type "fishmoo" into the discount code box and see what happens. For big gift , your need to figure out yourself.

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