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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Kangaroo

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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Kangaroo

Air dried Pet Treats Kangaroo meat is air flown from Australia. Kangaroos are not farmed [1]. They have lived in their natural habitat for all of their lives. As a result, they are untainted by any human-made hormones or genetic modification associated with large-scale industrialized meat production. This is no implication that they are hunted mercilessly for their meat. There are relevant Australian regulations that govern the industry [1].

This meat is one of the leanest red meat in the world due to the exercise they get all day in the wild and it is great for dogs that need to lose weight. The levels of fat-to-muscles in Kangaroo meat are extremely low, all the more they are unsaturated,  making it an extremely suitable treat for dogs with conditions such as pancreatitis.     Air dried Pet Treats  

The benefits of Dehydrated kangaroo meat

Furthermore, Kangaroo meat has one of the highest levels of Zinc and Iron than any other meat. Zinc is an important component in order for the correct functioning of the cell membrane. It helps in the recovery of wounds where cells need to multiply fast to compensate for the loss of tissue mass. Iron is also a critical component in the production of hemoglobin, which facilitates the transport of nutrients to the cells for reproduction. All these help a dog recover faster from surgery.

More benefits

Even dogs not undergoing surgery might still encounter injuries due to the part and parcel of the rough and tumble of a canine's life. The additional Iron will still come in handy for any wound recovery. The hectic lifestyle of a canine also dictates that they will need a lot of zinc for the transport of energy to the cells. This will help your canine to build muscle for the rough life ahead of him/her. Air dried Pet Treats Kangaroo meat is your perfect choice.

  • [1] Macro Group Australia. About the Kangaroo industry.

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