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Air Dried Pet Treats Lamb Bites Cookies

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Lamb Bites Cookies

Our Lamb Cookies

These crispy and crunchy Lamb Bites Cookies are made up of 100% tender and juicy lamb meat. They are especially good for dogs with sensitivities or allergies. Lamb is known to contain certain animal-based protein that is more in-tune with a canine's natural diet in the wild and hence less lightly to cause allergies. Ah Chye Air Dried Pet Treats brings to you Lamb Bites Cookies.

Origins of Lamb Bites Cookies

Just imagine the dog's ancestors in wild: It's easier to catch a lamb or a deer instead of a cow, as such they had more access to it and hence more likely to develop a tolerance. In an evolutionary sense, they have passed this trait down the generations. And that explains the observation that lamb is more unlikely to cause allergies than other meats. Also, to make the bites more accessible, we only use gluten-free flour to prevent allergies from the carbs itself. In that way, we make this treat available to as many of our canine friends as possible.


Furthermore, this treat is also one way we "coerce" our fur-kid to take in vegetables. We add a little broccoli to this treat, grind it and bind it with flour to the meat, so she has to take it together with the meat as a whole. The fat from the meat can also be used to glaze the bites in the final steps of the baking process, this will add fragrance, however, this option will decrease the shelf-life of the treat. This is a tradeoff which the pawrent has to make in his or her own judgment.

No preservatives No Additives

Of course, they are multiple benefits of Lamb Bites Cookies that we will not elaborate here, a google search will list down all the nutrients and soluble fatty acids that are inherent to lamb itself. Our job is not to list them down but to maximize the preservation of the nutrients while still maintaining their natural appeal to dogs. We hope you like them as much as we do. With Love, Ah Chye's family. Just indicate how would you like the bites to be done in the special instructions text box when you purchase. Lamb Bites Cookies.


  • Lamb 50%,
  • gluten-free flour 40%,
  • broccoli 5%,
  • cheese 5%

Storage Guide:

1 week- Keep in room temperature in airtight container, away from heat, cool, dark area such as kitchen cupboard

1 month- Keep in refrigerator


*Our products are preservatives free. The cookies can grow mold should moisture gets into the container, ensure your hand is dry before taking out the treat from the package*

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