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Air Dried Pet Treats Salmon Cookies

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Salmon Cookies

Salmon Cookies are made up of Salmon which is an excellent source of protein, low in fat, rich with omega oils, vitamins, and minerals. More importantly, they taste extremely well and blend in completely into a canine's diet. Before canines were domesticated, their ancestors have to obtain a rich source of protein and these came in abundance in fish. Air Dried Pet Treats. One can just see how some canines like Labradors are natural swimmers and "fisher-dogs". Nature has ingrained in them the ability to obtain what they just need. Because nowadays, our fur-friends do not need to hunt for themselves and we must provide for them these necessary nutrition.  Air Dried Pet Treats from Ah Chye is your best choice.

Benefits of Salmon Cookies

The fatty acids found in fish are perfect for providing moisture to skin & coats, helping to reduce itchy skin and boost overall coat health, with less shedding and more shine! Salmons are well known rich in Omega 3 & 6, which aren't naturally found in canine digestive systems – adding these elements into your furkids diet can have amazing benefits, including aiding in brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour and even boosting your dog's immune system!

Salmon Cookies with Broccoli is teeming with vitamins and minerals, is low in calories, and filled with fiber to keep their digestive system moving along.

We add flour to bind the ingredients together as most dogs do not like to eat vegetables. By doing this, your furkid will have to accept the vege inside the package of wholesome crunchy-ness. Additionally, we only use gluten-free floor, such that the carbs will not add that extra weight to your pet!

 IngredientsSalmon 50% gluten-free flour 25% broccoli 20% cheese 5%



Storage Guide:

  • 1 week- Keep in room temperature in airtight container, away from heat, cool, dark area such as kitchen cupboard
  • 1 month- Keep in refrigerator


*Our products are preservatives free. The cookies can grow mold should moisture gets into the container, ensure your hand is dry before taking out the treat from the package*

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