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best dog massage
Pawsitive Sensations. They provide holistic canine massage, acupressure & Bowen therapy and more, just for your pets. A group of bipeds (humans) who love our quadrupeds (especially dogs!) and are here to help them feel better!
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 Woofy Goofy, our place to go for snuffle toys. They provide cute, trendy, and high quality snuffle toys for your fur-friend. Chye and her friends all love them. Our Instagram feats are often made possible only with their products. do good for homeless dogs

A student-led organization aimed to reduce food wastage within the pet community, one paw at a time. With their ready pool of shelters and fosterers, they effectively channel surplus goods, repurposing them for a more meaningful cause while helping businesses reduce the amount of waste generated. Join them in reducing food wastage within the pet community whilst benefiting our fur-pals who are in shelters, foster care and not forgetting those on the streets. We work with them on a 1to1donation arrangement, if you purchase anything order without gift vouchers or discount codes, within a certain time-frame, we will match an equivalent portion you order and donate it to



The Antares

The Antares

The Antares was a majestic golden retriever with a big, fluffy tail and a heart of gold. She was a gentle and loyal dog who loved nothing more than spending time with her human family. One of The Antares's absolute favorite things in the world was dog treats. She would do just about anything for a tasty treat, and her humans loved to spoil her with all kinds of different flavors and brands. The Antares was a smart and curious dog, and she loved to learn new things. Whenever her humans took her for a training session, she would pay close attention and work hard to please them. She was always eager to please, and she knew that a delicious reward was sure to follow. As she grew older, The Antares's love of treats only seemed to grow. She would wag her tail and do her best tricks whenever she saw a bag of her favorite treats, and her humans couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. To them, there was nothing more adorable than their beloved dog's love of treats and the joy they brought her. Despite her love of treats, The Antares was a healthy and fit dog. Her humans made sure to feed her a balanced diet and only gave her treats in moderation. They also made sure to choose high-quality treats that were made with natural ingredients and didn't contain any artificial preservatives or flavors. The Antares was a treasured member of her human family, and her love of treats will always be a beloved and memorable part of her story.


dog welfare

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Nanyang Coffee. He was a loyal companion to his owner, who was a passionate advocate for animal welfare in Singapore. Together, they worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the plight of dogs in the city-state. Nanyang Coffee's owner often took him to events and rallies, where he would use the dog as an example of the many dogs in Singapore who were mistreated and neglected. They would hand out flyers and speak to people about the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for stricter animal welfare laws. Despite facing some resistance, the owner and Nanyang Coffee persisted in their efforts. They joined forces with other animal welfare organizations and worked to educate the public about the benefits of adopting dogs from shelters, instead of buying them from pet stores or breeders. Their hard work paid off, as more and more people began to take notice of the issue. Pet stores and breeders were held to higher standards, and the number of dogs being adopted from shelters increased. NanyangCoffee and his owner felt a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that their efforts had made a difference in the lives of many dogs in Singapore. As they continue to educate people and advocate for the welfare of the animals they love, NanyangCoffee and his owner hope to make Singapore a better place for all dogs to live.