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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Pork Bone Chew

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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Pork Bone

Disclaimers first! We know that the decision to feed Dehydrated Pork Bone is a controversial one. No two dogs are identical, a diet beneficial for one may be poison for another.  In as much as we care for your pooch, we respect both sides of the opinion camp. As such, we urge paw-rents to exert individual caution and discretion when determining if Dehydrated Pork Bone are indeed suitable for your pooch.

Air dried Dog Chew is suitable for most dogs we believe.

Scientific Results for Dehydrated Pork Bone

  • The current consensus in the scientific community is that Dehydrated Pork Bone are indeed beneficial for your dog's health. The highly acidic environment in your pooch's stomach can dissolve the vital minerals and calcium in the bones and supplement their joints and maintain the right nutritional intake. The bones also help to clean your pooch's teeth of tartar which will lengthen the lifespan of their teeth. Furthermore, their natural instinct is to chew on the Air dried Dog Chew to extract even the last piece of meat in them, this provides them extreme relief and comfort.

  • However, bones must be fed raw, or at least dehydrated (air-dried), never should the bones be cooked or baked. These processes would cause the bones to splinter into sharp pieces, and hence cause cuts or abrasions in their stomachs, or worse it could even block the gestation pathways and this might even warrant an emergency case. Bones and chews that are air-dried go through a slow drying process at temperatures that range between 50-80 degrees Celcius, preserving the nutrients. The air-drying process reduces the chance of the bone splintering when being eaten because the bone hasn't been subjected to high heat and the composition of the material is more elastic (rubber-like) rather than brittle (glass-like).

    We are aware of the difference in opinion between the advocates of raw feeders and those who prefer cooked food. Air-dried bones are never subjected to high heat and therefore are considered raw food more than cooked food. However, we do make sure that the dehydration process lasts more than 24 hours, killing any bacteria that can possibly remain in the bones.

    Chewing on bones can provide great enjoyment to our pooches, and has its health benefits. However, there are risks that come with it, we make sure that the risks are minimized so that your pooch can enjoy the best chewing experience while maintaining the right nutritional intake.

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