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Air Dried Pet Treats Baked Salmon Flakes

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Air Dried Pet Treats Baked Salmon Flakes

Baked Salmon Flakes

We design Air Dried Pet Treats Baked Salmon Flakes with senior dogs in mind. Although this treat will still make any dog go crazy, it is senior dogs with chewing problems and bone issues that will truly appreciate its intricate design.

  • To elaborate, first, we choose salmon as it is rich in Omega-3, which facilitates bone and joint health. It also helps to preserve brain neurons to prevent dementia and other neurological issues.
  • Baked Salmon Flakes has Omega-3 that also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the flare-up of the immune system. This is where the system self-consumes otherwise healthy tissues. In other words, their own body thinks the cells are malfunctioning but in fact, are not. Omega-3 regulates this biological process.

The protein from the fish also regenerates the old cells and encourages the body to produce new ones. Further, senior dogs often have digestive issues and cannot consume hard/solid food. We are especially careful to mash the salmon into a puree form such that they will find it easy to digest and consume.

Salmon Benefits

Also, they tend to get teeth issues and are not able to bite down on brick-hard materials as when they were young. As such, we use eggwhite to coagulate the puree and bake it to leave a soft touch while preserving the shape of a bone or biscuit. Bake Salmon Flakes are sure your choice.

Storage Guide:

Keep in refrigerator. Consume within one week once opened.




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