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Why are we different?

We make home-bakery style pet treats. We provide both dehydrated meats of all sorts and also self-baked cookies. All our cookies are gluten-free and full of vegetables and meat to give your fur-kid the most wholesome nutritional intake. We also self-make dehydrated chews for your fur-kids. These chew helps clears tartar and protect your fur-kid's teeth while providing them entertainment for many hours. It helps them to release excess energy and reduce destructive behaviors!

We make them fresh only when you place the order. We avoid large-scale production because it will inevitably involve some chemical processing of the pet treats. As processed food is linked to cancer in both humans and pets, additionally since most pet food in the market are processed in factories. Where additives and preservatives are added to increase the commercial value of the product. When our pets consume these food on a long-term basis, we see pet cancer rates rising. As such, we choose to take control of the food processing chain as much as possible, to achieve a healthier outcome for our pets.

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